The new men’s fall and winter Mulberry replica 2014 Somerton Bags: inspiration from the traditional brand

Mulberry replica Men Somerton launched a new series of bags. Elegant Somerton Briefcase briefcase combination of modern and classic, and the details of the characteristics exhibited by the brand to focus on practical leather craft.

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Mulberry replica bags Men Somerton launched a new series of bags. Elegant Somerton Briefcase briefcase combination of modern and classic, and the details of the characteristics exhibited by the brand to focus on practical leather craft.

Somerton briefcase design is inspired by a particular Mulberry classic series. Roger briefcase initially founder Roger Sau occupied, then gradually evolved into a deeply-loved classic men’s section of the package Mulberry. The initial design selected luxurious thick saddle leather, brass buckle, along with braided belt detailing. Mr. Roger description of this package is through sustainable use and quality of care will be more to see, given the series of Somerton emotion.

Somerton briefcase coupled with Roger briefcase same classic belt, but also by the elegant and supple leather saddle and gave a low-key relief-like Mulberry replica handbags Mulberry brand logo. Somerton Holdall laptop bag also used the same leather belt details, highlight the box design more retro feel.

IT quickly made a star of the British It Girl Mulberry replica messenger bags

Since the establishment of the UK’s top brand Mulberry replica early 1970s, it has been the most innovative British avant-garde style of senior leather. Nicholas Knightly appointed after 2000 as a designer, but also establish its elegant, high-quality brand image, and swept the international market in the short term, the United States, Asia is booming. In the entertainment business, a star’s popularity is usually determined by the movie, a drama or a song, but in fashion circles, the rise of a handbag is often determined by the popularity of those stars. Mulberry retro messenger bag is one of them, it is the classic style and atmosphere and varied colors, set in a stylish and practical, Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo, Paris Hilton and other European and American stars love it, however, often see fashion street shoot it figure.

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Mulberry retro messenger bag with a variety of styles MULBERRY specializes in leather products from MULBERRY Replica handbags superb craftsmen located south west of England within the factory building, combined with practical, original and leather touch, creative design ingenuity to escape other brands gorgeous style, Trend classic antique style, commodities thick and strong smell of leather, extensive use of metal rivets and buckling, old copper metal parts, it can not help but think of the medieval period in Europe, a little simple, innocent and fantasy castle knight This is the shoddy secondary products can not easily imitate legend. Since special attention to the material, so the same section of the package in different leather production, showing a flavor are not the same, like the exotic Congo leather, rough Scotchgrain leather, and high-quality fine British Matt glove leather, durability Of course, regardless of origin, but with a different dye, anyone can find the most suitable colorants, as if tailor-made general, so many fashionable men and women is difficult to resist its charm.

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Mulberry replica handbags baked cake version of Kara Qingsheng

August 12, 2014 Cara celebrates its 22nd birthday, Leo her own funny wizard temperament conquered the fashion world, it is worth coddled, big variety of buying it. So London brand Mulberry replica Kara produced a birthday cake: lozenge black handbag! (Of course, it is now to lead the first 24 birthday)

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Mulberry replica handbags made of Cara entire cake birthday cake the shape of the package are in accordance with the real production, including metal logo and metal buckle also can eat ingredients, in the top right corner of the bag body a golden candles flickered. Written on a white base: Happy Birthday Cara, Love Mulberry (happy birthday Carla, love your Mulberry)! I believe you will want to see the true capacity Mulberry flagship store this cake, close and looked to see if it has any flaws, we can not help but speculate whether Carla also appears in the Mulberry store, personally the results of this cake, and bold a bit off it?

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Men making love Cara portrait cake Speaking of making a cake, will be reminiscent of August 2013, a man named Steve Winters men also claimed the Cara dating. Admiring the media at the scene found to be “playing”, the original Steve Cara produced a portrait of cake, not only to feed her cake, and she also posed for veneer, really ironic.

Three light luxury group PK who is the real winner Mulberry replica?

The world’s most iconic light luxury class listed companies, including British Mulberry replica, American Coach and Michael Kors, Coach of the fiscal year in which the latest was early in July 2013 to the end of June 2014, two other companies for the latest fiscal year 2013 In early April 2014, the end of March, the paper in 2013 on behalf of a unified recent fiscal year, fiscal year 2012 represents a.

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The three companies have substantially the same product lines, including handbags, leather accessories, clothing, footwear, including replica handbags Mulberry recent fiscal year, sales revenue accounted for 75% of total revenue, Coach ladies handbag sales only accounted for a total of 55%.

As of this writing (August 25, 2014), the total market capitalization of the three companies is the largest Michael Kors, reached $ 16.89 billion, Mulberry cap with two other companies are not at the same level, only $ 740 million.

Although Coach of total revenue, EBITDA and net profit is higher than the absolute value is still a rising star in Michael Kors, but because of the 2013 performance (especially the North American market) up sharply, leading to sharp drop in market capitalization, a significant jump significantly behind the performance of Michael Kors – The latter is mainly due to increase brand awareness of, and violent expansion of global sales channels. Mulberry is wrong because the previous management to improve product quality, closer to pure luxury, resulting in declining sales. Currently, the new management has returned to light extravagant track.

Despite the results of the recession, Coach’s gross margin remains the highest in three; but the Michael Kors’s EBITDA / total revenue and net profit margin levels are the highest. Although the margin is not low, but the limited scale of operation Mulberry replica handbags, low operational efficiency. From inventory management perspective, Micheal Kors is the most efficient, the number of inventory turnover days 365 * Average inventories / sales cost formula to calculate only 98 days.

From the point of view of geographical distribution of sales: three companies are the most emphasis on the local market. Michael Kors sales in the local market (North America) ratio up to 83.7% of the total, after continuous high-speed growth, but also close to saturation, is currently the focus turned to growth in Europe and Asia-Pacific emerging markets.

Finally, to see the situation change three companies in terms of number of stores: the number of stores has weak growth cheap Mulberry replica, Coach has begun to reduce the number of stores in North America, a substantial increase in the number of Michael Kors stores, it shows the rapid expansion of ambition, in keeping same-store sales growth at the same time, indeed effectively boosted the total revenue growth.

Mulberry replica offer annual Christmas movie

Imagine such a plot: A young couple’s new home on Christmas Eve move to the countryside, in the candlelight, the men took out a special gift for the girlfriend carefully prepared –Mulberry replica Bayswater handbag. Due enjoying this happy time, the sudden visitors to share this wonderful Christmas gift.

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Unrestrained use of cinematic film with an interesting shape of traditional methods of expression British schools, urban and rural celebrate Christmas plot. The film by award-winning adam & eveDDB creation, designed to deliver the joy of Christmas and the share of each person’s face Mulberry gift of joy.

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Holiday treats to share in the official Mulberry replica bag, on November 2 to December 13 during the day landed, there is access to Mulberry bag.

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2015 Christmas gift series Mulberry is available as an option for Christmas gifts of the Holy Land. Luxurious leather bag and wallet models, such as the classic Bayswater and Piccadilly, notebook, mobile phone sets and beautiful cashmere scarves Zhuo be spoiled for choice. Even the most difficult objects to pick a gift, but also to a new Metallics series win each other’s heart; includes four color selectable Lily, Mini Lily, affordable price and small, star key ring and notebook. In addition, the Mulberry and Mungo & Maud jointly launched Pet Fashion Capsule series, including collars, belts and raincoats items. Gift is knowledge, available in Mulberry replica handbags your free gift suggestions.